Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kim Jong Il - why is he still there??

One thing is extremaly evident on the issue of North Korea. Everyone, including USA, is unwilling to really do anything... They all got this resolution of UN which is doomed to failure since China already said it wont control the trade to North Korea. (Incredible, China approved it in the UN and imediately said it wont follow it, if something like that said someone from US all the anti-americans would go crazy). Even if it worked (which it won't) it is so soft that it actualy changes very little. It provides a little annoyence nothing more.

Imorality and evil can be expected from countries like China or Russia. Those two things but caused by stupidity can be expected from France, Germany and even Great Britain. But that the USA is turning a blind eye to whats happening in North Korea is certainly disappointing.

WHats happeneing in that forsaken country is horrifying. I am not going to describe anything here. Those who want can check this BBC article:



also see:

By no means am I that kinda person that would like USA to spread democracies in other countries. But the worst kinds of inhumanity should be prevented. We are prosecuting criminals from Yugoslavia and all are serious about it. How can they be!??! If that monster in North Korea is still alive?!?!
The crimes of North Korean Communists can be easily compared to nazi germany in the means and victim count. Sometimes it even goes beyond.

There has to be some reason why the international community doesn't' want to get involved in North Korea. Maybe they are afraid of it... Maybe they are all under the influence of China already.... Seems like the age of European civilization based on christianity, individuality and freedom is after all coming to its end.


At 7:22 AM, Blogger Dny Lementi said...

well, sad but true, Western nation will have to face the consequences of their blindness sooner or later. I just hope that there our voices won't be like Cassandra's.

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Silver Bear,
I agree with what you wrote about the evil in North Korea. But it is so obvious your pro-american inclination...

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"if something like that said someone from US all the anti-americans would go crazy"

"But that the USA is turning a blind eye to whats happening in North Korea is certainly disappointing"

U.S.A. is not an avatar of freedom. They are only interested in what can help them preserve their power, which nowadays means: what is more interesting economicaly.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger OndrejS said...

Yes indeed I am pro-american. I dont want to disscus the broader picture of American foreign policy here. But eventhough there are some shortcomings it is still the best there is in the world:-)Taking into account the relevant players of course. Maybe the policy of Slovakia is better.... but who cares

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Silver Bear,

What I mean is that maybe only the U.S.A. have some power to do something about North Korea, but unless they are seriously threatened (for example with long-range atomic missiles), they won't move a finger. North Korea doesn't have oil and there are no other economic gains to invade it and eliminate their leaders.

Americans won't do it just to spread freedom and "the american way of living". They didn't do anything about the massacres in Africa (Sierra Leone, Congo, etc), for example.

I don't know anything about Slovakian policies, but Slovakian girls are hot. Americans are fat. So I prefer Slovakia! :-))


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