Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Almost Heaven

A week ago I returned home from R'dam.... And I have to say I have been overwhelmed by the pleasant feeling. Its not that Rotterdam would be that bad (well it is actualy pretty bad) but this place is just so much better.... I am no potato that only likes home and doesn't wanna go anywhere. I have spent 2 years (F and USA) outside my country excluding the R'dam year. But the difference in this case is just striking... I know that you will say that I am biased against R'dam and such things.... but look at my situation. I came from a filthy hole full of screaming people from colonies where trams were slow and expensive. Where police gives fines for biking without a light and drinking beer on street. Where school fines you for leaving stuff in library and terminates your account for having a dring when working in PC lab. A place where all important places are closed after 5 pm the lates and the main shopping street is made out of alluminium....
On the other side I arrived to a place which is relatively clean and I dont need to be afraid to sit on the street. To place where people are generaly nice and they dont scream, honk, loiter in front of my house or kick my bike at night. to place where public transport is efficient and for resonable price. Where police is corrupt but doesn't care about you unless u cause any harm. Where almost everything in the city is open or closed according to market demand.... I am attaching couple pictures from my place to document more on my feelings.... Well I post them later when server works....


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Valdemar said...

Ok, I won't waste my time saying (again) that you are biased against R'dam. But what the hell do you mean by: "the main shopping street is made out of alluminium"? What is the point?

Btw, food in Brazil is so much better than in Rotterdam... I just miss the "Wok to Go" near Media Markt.

At 5:09 AM, Anonymous ondrej said...

Ahh ye the food... well that would be almost too cheap shot. Have u not SEEN the Beurs area? It is small shelters made out of "fast to build" aluminium composites. Yes there are some building aslo like Media markt but majority (next to the Australian chocolate place) is like that:-)

At 5:32 AM, Blogger Dny Lementi said...

Your place is awesome!!
but, come on!!, R'dam is not that bad! The place was also quite ok... and anyway now it's over :-(
I miss R'dam!

At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Valdemar said...

You lived in the other side of the city, so probably you didn't go much there, but I really miss the Kralingse Bos. Ok, not for the big noisy muslim barbecues on Sundays, but it was awesome to go running there, in the middle of the woods.

I don't see a problem in alluminum built shops. Actually it looks very modern.

And Daniella is right. Your place is great!

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Maarten said...

guys....just one comment here (from a baised person that's for sure!)...but Rotterdam Rocks!!! Whoohoooo!! you don't know what you're missing till it's gone they say! well right now rotterdam is bursting of life, lots and lots of stuff to do....to name a few recent(this and last month) things: North Sea Jazz Festival, with jazzconcerts everywhere in the city for over a week..lots of them for free! then..Summercarnaval...here we keep the tradition alive that valdemar's country started, making lots of noise in a parade, dressing up extravagantly, and being able to see lots of beautiful women shake their asses! then..the Parade..a cultural traveling festival was held in the park..so also for free! then, open air cinema in which they will show recent movies (known as well as unknown) on a huge screen, for free!! (crash is this years major movie, pirates of the carribean was last years) and last but not least, the fast forward dance parade...which is even bigger than the love parade in Berlin...main idea: drive trough the city with big trucks with blasting music, everybody happy, dancing, and dressed up...beautiful woman again everywhere!! parties till early next morning al over the city!

so...call me biased, but i think this city offers lots! and lots even for free! you're all invited to come and enjoy! :) if not...just see my blog for some pictures and turn green of envy! :p



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