Monday, July 10, 2006

Forza Azzurri !!!

Everyone is happy that Germany and France didnt win!!!!!!!! as all are tired of Franco-German hegemony over EU. :-)
Even though France did have an edge in the second half of the final game, Italian team deserved to win more. There are more reasons for that.
First, french game is just boring.... Their lack of creativity and individual skill makes them unable to score regulary. It is not without a reason that the only goals they scored in semi finals and finals were from penalty kicks. Both very very questionable. The game with Spain is more Spain's fault and an outlyer considering their group performance.
Second, Italy gave us their typical game. Chaotic but ingenious and highly efficient. With briliant defence but also great midfield on feet of Gattuzo and Pirlo. Only problematic part is offence with Totti and Toni having an unbalanced and unstable performance from game to game.
More importantly however, Italy worked its way through by defeating Ukraine 3:0 and Germany 2:0, none of those from penalties and all briliant games. France on the other hand was just lucky....
The only stain on the Italian way to victori is the game with Australia.... Well it was stupid from the Australian guy to drop like that in the penalty area.... Wouldnt want to be the refferee though, for at that time u decide the game by penalty... anyway... That red card for Matterazzi was also not fair... and I am sure they would kick asses in the extra time!
Anyone is welcomed to post deifferent opinions ofc.


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