Thursday, July 20, 2006

Giff back Meggie!

What a difference! The too “big” figures of British politics of the last half century could not be more different. Margaret Thatcher sets an example on one side with her dignity, principles and leadership. Tony Blair on the other offends us with his sleaziness, populism and, as of new, being a proved poodle. That nice piece of conversation which proved the latest also gives us a different insight. It shows what a coward he is. No matter what he is unable to maintain any kind of British sovereignty and independent policy. On domestic issues he regularly poodles for Brussels. Of course not as much as he and Brusselocrats would like him to, but as much as domestic popularity among urban decadent middle class, sissy delicate housewives, and general canaille of British Isles allows him to.

This latest incident shows him in an even worse light though. You can read about it here:

The sad part about it is that Bush is generally a goodhearted fellow how likes to play baseball, golf, hunt and do barbeque (as we saw on his German visit). This said, he is probably not going to put very sophisticated pressure on you. Neither is he going to overwhelm u with his charm or charisma. It really takes a huge amount of self disrespect to succumb to him like that.


P.S.: Also a link where u can watch it on video and where is a substantial coverage:


At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Valdemar said...

"Bush is generally a goodhearted fellow"? After reading this part I am thinking seriously about removing your blog from my bookmarks...

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Dny Lementi said...

There are two main issues on which I don't agree with you Ondrej: you are too much anti-EU and too much pro-US. I read the conversation and I don't see there anything that would make me change my mind on both of them. As for the Iron Lady, I awe her the greatest respect ever... but most of the things Blair had to deal with today is an heritage of her policies. She rode the EU issue in a much worse populistic way than Blair ("I want my money back!").

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous ondrej said...

Ad Valdemar:
Come on! dont be so fanatic! I am sure that in reality when u talk to Bush personaly it is really not much to fear. Also I dont think it is much of a complex conversation nor a difficult one. On the plus side I am sure he likes to make jokes about baseball and german barbeque... Generaly not hard to handle. And that was my point in the article.

Ad Dany: Aside from attacking diractely the title and two features of my geopolitical position, do u have any kinda argument to provide relating to my article?

btw: "I want my money back" was very cool.


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