Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Superficiality of public (especially of liberals)

The deatch toll of Israel/Hisballah conflict is climing well over 500 now. Due to floods in North Korea expected 10 000 people lost their lives. Many people (espetially liberals) are pointing finger at Israel for what they see as undeserved retaliation to Hisballah attacks. Usualy they dont know that Hisballah has been firing those missiles for a long time as well as carried out kidnapping and other attrocities of various kinds and that this time Israel just lost patience.... But lets not get into discusion abou twhether Israel is doing right or wrong.
What is more apalling is the disproportionality of the reaction. Noone goes histerical about the casualties of one of the most barbaric regimes in the world. No Europen Union calls it "unaccaptable" and noone calls for an imediate cesation cessation of that regimes rule! In the 1990s due to bad weather but predominantly of cause disasterous economic policies of the government 2 000 000 (yes 2 milion) people starved to death in North Korea. This terror can only be compared to Kambodgia of PolPot and Khmer Rouge rule.

Yet everyone is screaming about Israel shelling someone in self defence.....


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