Saturday, April 14, 2007

On the Milan Chinese riots:
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There are two sides. Italian government confiscating ANYTHING on the grounds of "unauthorized transport" is just another quazi communist screw up. Therefore the chinese have to be supported against a retarded regulation. If I wanna work I should be able to at whichever time pleases me.

Another side of the story is that Chinese traders are often selling fake brands thus damaging Italian fashion industry. That is a problem but one that shouldnt be solved by these means. Rather by not alowing imports from china including people....

Prague Mayor battles Chinese evil

When the Prague city hall diplayed the Tibetian flag out of its window it didnt know that it will get its mayor on the black list in the almighty China herself. In the grand tradition of persecuting its opponents the Chinese government refused the Prague mayor, Pavel Bem, the acces to Tibet when he wanted to climb up Mount Everest. Probably the Chinese dont want anyone who isnt all hyped up about Chinese tigres and stuff, to see whats going on in Tibet. The mayer said that this is just another example of "China's attitude towards Tibet and civilised world". He also recalled some old communist practices which China, as oppoed to Eastern Europe, never abandoned.

He did not become dettered however and is now attempting to go the way that Edmund Hillary used that starts in Nepal. We all cheer for him and hope that all go well and he will be able to show China on the other side the middle finger once he is on top!