Friday, October 27, 2006

uomo, donna...... who knows

Magari dobbiamo construire un altro bagno per mezo - mezo.

Imagine: 3 bathrooms one for men one for women and one for "miscelanous" :-)

btw: V.L is communist, fag and I am pretty sure its also a terrone in some way. The best combination ever.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Contro il governo ladro!!!!

Italian parliament has approved new tax law which further expropriates the property of north and either wastes it in Rome or gives it to the South to waste it. It is outrageous example of tyrany that comunists excersize over the northern provinces. I know that they dont know what they are doing being mind locked in their ideology but I want every commie to know that the are personaly and individualy responsible for theft and immorality that is happening. They should go and look to they eyes of the people paying taxes and say: "I steel from you to experiment with my ideas. Io sono un communista di merda e voglio piu di soldi per qui tu hai lavoratto".
North should declare independence UNILATERALY as there is no hope to do that through Rome!

Vada via il cu tutti communisti!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kim Jong Il - why is he still there??

One thing is extremaly evident on the issue of North Korea. Everyone, including USA, is unwilling to really do anything... They all got this resolution of UN which is doomed to failure since China already said it wont control the trade to North Korea. (Incredible, China approved it in the UN and imediately said it wont follow it, if something like that said someone from US all the anti-americans would go crazy). Even if it worked (which it won't) it is so soft that it actualy changes very little. It provides a little annoyence nothing more.

Imorality and evil can be expected from countries like China or Russia. Those two things but caused by stupidity can be expected from France, Germany and even Great Britain. But that the USA is turning a blind eye to whats happening in North Korea is certainly disappointing.

WHats happeneing in that forsaken country is horrifying. I am not going to describe anything here. Those who want can check this BBC article:



also see:

By no means am I that kinda person that would like USA to spread democracies in other countries. But the worst kinds of inhumanity should be prevented. We are prosecuting criminals from Yugoslavia and all are serious about it. How can they be!??! If that monster in North Korea is still alive?!?!
The crimes of North Korean Communists can be easily compared to nazi germany in the means and victim count. Sometimes it even goes beyond.

There has to be some reason why the international community doesn't' want to get involved in North Korea. Maybe they are afraid of it... Maybe they are all under the influence of China already.... Seems like the age of European civilization based on christianity, individuality and freedom is after all coming to its end.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Va' pensiero

After a recent trip around Italy I further strengthened my conviction that the only way to save Italy from the mess it is in is by federalism. The sole creation of Italy was done on an ideological bases and central government obtained far too much power as compared to the legitimacy it actually has.

First I want to say that I have no particular hatred against Southern Italians or “terroni” as they are often referred to in Padania. In fact I believe that wide independence for regions would be best for them as well as for other regions.

However, it would be preposterous to think that terroni are in a good situation. No, the situation of the South is actually very dramatic. Complete lack of law enforcement and family structures with rigid loyalties hinder any kind of economic growth. Little respect for other person’s life and property also contribute to the general misery. This is not a question of minority! In fact it is possible to say that only a small minority have different opinions and attitudes. Combine that with severe lack of work morals and the outflow of best minds and those who actually want to work into the Northern part and u have quite desperate situation.

The problem now is that the whole Italy is baring consequences. Let Terroni have their way of life! It’s their choice and we should respect it! But why should we pay for it in terms of money and criminality!?!??! (Even though being Czech I speak here as a Padanian). The problem is that as long as we transfer money to south and we allow this huge transfer of people from South to North there will never be any change. Why would they change if there is no one pushing for it? Those who want to be successful leave for North and those who like it the way it is stay and receive money from North (understand from those who actually work). Meanwhile the North bares severe consequences. Organized crime structures are starting to form there among the immigrant communities, taxes are high and little of them is invested in the region.

Why vote for Lega Nord?

It is easy to understand that some people might not be happy about certain position of Lega. However they should still vote for it. They will never be able to put forward some of the extreme suggestions and attitudes. The important thing is to put forward large autonomy. That is the important issue that needs to be put in practice. After that everyone can switch and vote someone else into the Padanian parliament.

The issue of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna

These two regions together with Marche can be considered as potential parts of Padania ( very loose definition though). The problem with them is that they are quite frankly full of commies. The are mostly responsible for leftist governments in Italy. Cities like Firenze or Bologna are literally full of coglioni and deficienti voting for various kinds of Communist Parties. For a new region of Padania this might not be a good start. The best solution would be therefore to promote general autonomy of regions which could then decide on their own matters. They can vote their communists to power and bare consequences. Sad thing is that they might replace some of the beautiful cities there are with gray panel houses for the “underprivileged”. Well that’s life. You have to pay for your stupidity. Otherwise there is no learning process.

Here is a link to Lega's page: